Shann Palmer


I am days down
I am face clowned
I am full of righteous rage.

I am skin tight
I am bent light
I am vomit on the page.

You can slam shut
You can rebut
You can rend your Daddy's shirt.

You can dredge up
You can D cup
You can wallow in your hurt.

I will unfurl
I will shit hurl
I will elevate the hour.

I will rock hard
I will chin guard
I will confiscate your power.

Shann Palmer: I am a Texan living in Richmond, Virginia where I host and participate in readings, workshops, and open mikes to provide opportunities for other writers. I am published in print and on the web with recent work in Short, Fast, and Deadly and Redheaded Stepchild. Words are music notes I write down when I'm not playing the organ and directing a choir. I once helped my dad push a UHaul off a cliff in Arizona because my parents were fugitives and needed to get rid of it.



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