Jack Little

Park Benches

Lazy from structureless days, filled with expectation
I would perch upon a park bench exhausted
and slide over its cold metal hand rests and
hard wooded shafts, asleep. Of course I had my favorites
But anyone might do. I would pretend to be a vagabond,
a real one, who might walk from city to city
and ride on old train shacks, eating berries
and grass if I had to: an adventurer of benches,
I knew all the best ones. The quiet park of
Loving couples and children playing where if
You arrived at two, the oak would shade
Your face but sun shine rays would warm the rest,
or Reforma Avenue, where street art would beg
to be napped on, between flash men on roller skates
and real homeless men, who, if I was lucky,
would wake me up and share a bite of their sandwich.

Jack Little (b. 1987) is a British poet living in Mexico City where he runs The Ofi Press, a bilingual online poetry magazine and publishing company which organizes regular poetry events. His work has been published in 3:AM Magazine, Warwick Unbound, Calliope Nerve, The Bubble, Eunoia Review, Blue Pepper Poetry and most recently in In Other Words: Merida. He also has forthcoming publications with Kerouac’s Dog, Drey, Wasafiri and Bakwa Magazine. In March 2012, Jack read at the Linares International Literary Festival in Nuevo Leon, Mexico. As well as his literary related activities, he also manages the Mexico national cricket team.